For the first time ever Trust is now a commodity, made possible by Crypto Ledger technology. 

Centralized digital asset data storage requires trust in a central authority. We must trust that central authority will not change or use the data without permission, unintentionally or not. TCL - Transparent Crypto Ledgerâ„¢ technology makes possible the distribution of digital asset data across a pool of many decentralized independent nodes of equal authority.  Every independent node is storing exactly same data, and watching all the other nodes doing the same. There is no need to trust anyone, not even Salpas. 

Every node is of equal importance. Every node is performing exactly the same action independent of each other and therefore we "trust" every node exactly the same. This is the commoditization of Trust. It is what makes the Salpas Secure Trust Pool possible, our magic. 

Through the Salpas Trust Market anyone can have customized access to our Secure Trust Pool for any ledger of digital asset data, monetary or non-monetary. The result is transparent, secure, distributed, digital asset protection.